Every big Summer event in Chicago including Lollapalooza has been cancelled in 2020

欢乐麻将血战Summertime Chicago is the best in the country and it’s hard to argue that. But what makes the city so great in the Summer are all the festivals, markets and events going on.

As we sit here with COVID-19 still being a pandemic going through the country, the city of Chicago has announced some major cancellations for the Summer and it’s pretty much everything.

欢乐麻将血战Here is the list per

  • Lollapalooza
  • Taste of Chicago
  • Air and Water Show
  • Chicago Jazz Festival
  • Chicago SummerDance
  • The majority of programs for the Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park
  • Maxwell Street Market (through Labor Day)
  • Jumping Jack program

欢乐麻将血战The city is making some adjustments, however.

欢乐麻将血战The Taste of Chicago will now be Taste of Chicago To-Go with a procession of food trucks July 8 and online cooking demos July 8-12 in the city. Lollapalooza will also live stream music from July 30-Aug. 2.

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